Artist Statement

My vision and creative challenge as a figurative and abstract expressionist, has been to explore and render the ancient and ‘yet to be discovered’ emotional caverns of the soul, as seen through the lens of the seasons of life. 

I have long been intrigued by the portal into this “Other” and enigmatic world.

Ironically, it was in the realm of the unknown that I discovered a haven for self-discovery and  giving my art a voice; a wordless dialogue of colour, lines and shapes that best communicates,  between the viewer and myself, the revealings of my heart.

My creative process relies on the intuitive promptings that emerge after I place a mark or colour  on my canvas. It is a constant battle between faith and fear, riddled with undermining currents of doubt and uncertainty as to what I will chose to believe. I never know what direction I will be going or when I am actually finished, until silence and time determines if I truly have said what I wanted to say.

Creative diversity is the language that best echoes my voice and mirrors my vision.

CV available upon request. Please email: